Cane and Wicker – An Economically & Environmentally Friendly Furniture louis vuitton notebook m92994,

The rise of global warming has left the world searching for sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions to consumer demand. Timber has been felled prematurely to produce furniture for centuries, but deforestation has had catastrophic effects on the ecology of these regions. It is necessary for both producers and consumers to support a sustainable alternative for the future in order to ease this destruction. One solution is to use cane and wicker instead of timber, and although the Egyptians used these materials over 5000 years ago, it seems that the modern consumer is not fully aware of its advantages.

The terms cane, rattan and wicker are often used interchangeably, however there is a difference between them.

Rattan is a vine that predominantly grows through and over other vegetation in the rainforests of South East Asia. Cane is the large stem of the rattan, whereas wicker refers to the process of weaving rattan, sea grass, bamboo or other natural materials into the finished product.

Rattan is harvested by hand, providing vital employment to locals and uses less machinery than timber based processes. Its solid core makes it one of nature’s strongest woods, and as it is harvested, not logged, it does not deprive the soil of nutrients or create wasteland. Rattan is naturally strong, thick and durable, but becomes flexible enough to take almost any shape when heated. It is first cut into smaller pieces that are ideal for weaving and then placed in a steam box to be softened before being bent into the desired shape. When it is cooled it regains its rigid form. The joints are then wrapped with a strong natural material such as wicker peel to increase its durability. Any splits that are found on the surface are sanded away to provide a smooth and flawless finish and a stain is used to protect and enhance the appearance.

Cane and wicker furniture has all the advantages of using handcrafted natural materials to produce a unique, sturdy, comfortable and beautiful finished product.

Cane and wicker products last for many years and potentially decades because they are naturally durable and easy to maintain. To prolong their life avoid placing them under direct sunlight for long periods of time and clean away any dust or dirt with a damp cloth then leave them to air and dry.

The distinct benefits of cane and wicker furniture are often overlooked as it is primarily considered to be a conservatory and garden item in contemporary society. However, as resources become scarcer and attitudes shift from disposable to more sustainable living, rattan, cane and wicker undeniably provide an environmentally friendly option.

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